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Rob Porter resigned from his role as White House staff secretary after a series of Daily revelations about violence towards his ex-wives.

However, it all came crashing down when their father Toby Willis (top right) was arrested September 2016 and was later convicted on four child rape charges. In fact Toby Willis' control was so complete that each daughter thought she was the only one being abused.The couple are moving forward in their relationship despite Courtney's public plea to her estranged husband Doug Hutchison (inset) to take her back.Hutchison revealed to Daily Mail TV in January that Courtney had plans to move in with Sheng at the time of her desperate post, and although she claimed to want to work things out, she refused to live with Hutchison in Detroit.A pale, twitchy and unkempt Mark Salling is seen in a convenience store video taken 24 hours before his death.The video was exclusively obtained by Daily Mail TV and an eyewitness describes the star as looking agitated, depressed and ‘not really there.’ Pedophile Glee actor Mark Salling looked disheveled and 'agitated' as he bought a pack of Marlboro Lights just hours before he took his own life.Libby’s grandparents, Mike and Becky Patty (bottom inset), have opened up to Daily about the year-long search for the person who killed the girls.

President Trump is praising Rob Porter’s work, saying ‘we certainly wish him well,’ as the embattled aid exits the White House amid abuse allegations from two ex-wives.The zealot's half-brother Roger Haldeman (inset) defended Koresh's practice of keeping a harem which included teen brides to Daily Mail TV.He also said Koresh wasn't a monster because he taught his followers 'good things' and says he misses his older brother.Donald Trump Jr's wife Vanessa (couple pictured together on the right in April 2016) was hospitalized on Monday after opening a letter with a white powder inside.The former model, 40 (pictured left on January 31), opened the letter addressed to her husband around 10am, at her parents' apartment on East 54th Street.Police won't officially say what the powder was, but law enforcement sources told the New York Post that it was cornstarch.

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