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If you want a pure, natural rose but want an oriental red rose rather than the dozens of pastel pink rose scents out there, this is exactly what you're looking for. Dude knows his trade very well, an expert nose and fragrance businessman.

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Vintage women's perfume from yesteryear often had notes which come through as quite masculine be they notes of musk or leather or deep woods and green notes. The rose in the cologne is a smoky patchouli-rose with a spicier edge and a peppery, as well as aromatic flavor.So I bought some of this and it doesn't smell as strong as tester in store.I checked code on product checker websites and found it was manufactured in Jan 2014 making it 45 months old. Unopened products should be good for at least three years under normal use conditions provided they are not exposed to extreme heat or cold.Cafe Rose by Tom Ford is a Chypre Floral fragrance for women and men. Top notes are saffron, black pepper and may rose; middle notes are turkish rose, bulgarian rose and coffee; base notes are incense, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. Love the striking design of the bottle, but that isn't nearly as important as what's inside.Picture an early 80s disco album cover: a bouquet of red roses glowing next to a burning candle, a mysterious female hand with pointed red nails, reaching for a glass of wine. Excited to hear the music, you open the record sleeve and put the vinyl down on your wood-paneled vintage turntable. Tom Ford fragrances are long-lasting and initially enjoyable, but I find they lack complexity.I wondered if this meant it was possibly past shelf life and queried this with TF website. You may not be aware that some products have a period after opening symbol on its packaging.

The symbol is an open jar with a number and the letter “M” on the jar.The batch code was designed for and used by the Company as part of our comprehensive internal tracking system. The first thing i want to point out is that May Rose smells like Raspberry.This is why we get fruit with no mention of fruit in the note break down. The combination of the May Rose, Coffee, & Patchouli at this point smells like those Raspberry filled Chocolates that come with Valentines Day Candy.I would prefer this mature feminine smell on a sexy young man (or stayed young man) for some reason. It reminds me of Bvlgari´s jasmin noir which I had in 2009 and loved.I purchased the sampler but will not buy the bottle.it does have quality, but the smell of rose water is really tacky here and most people try to avoid having it in their perfumes.