Pippa middleton dating george percy

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It looks like the Middleton sisters will be completing the double before too long," said a source to the newspaper.(We're assuming that "completing the double" is British slang for two sisters securing socially and financially advantageous husbands.) Is Duchess Kate Middleton Too Skinny To Have A Baby Right Now?

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She will be sure to invite Lady 'Katie' to her own, but the second sister is Lady Melissa Percy, who is currently getting divorced from William's best friend Thomas Van Straubenzee.

After pinging back and forth between Prince Harry, Alex, and George, Pippa finally settles on one!

Pippa Middleton is a girl who could really use some "break up with your ex" advice.

James Pippa is exceptionally close to younger brother James, and the two have accompanied each other on grueling physical challenges for charity over the years, as well as being each other's date for social events.

James could well be fulfilling usher duties on the big day.

Adam and Rebecca Kate, Pippa, and James are so close to their cousin Adam that he is one of Princess Charlotte's godfathers, and the three siblings attended his wedding in 2014.

Gary and Julie-Ann Pippa's uncle Gary is mum Carole's brother, and although he has ruffled feathers for speaking publicly about his nieces, family is family and he will be sure to attend with his fourth wife, Julie-Ann.

with reportedly a very specific dress code of different outfits for day and night to prove it.

Pippa and her groom James Matthews' guest list will combine Middletons, royals, old friends, the cream of society, and a sprinkling of celebrity stardust.

Laura married Prince William's other best friend James Meade, so there's plenty of overlapping friendship groups here.

Sam and Annabel Waley-Cohen The Middleton sisters have long been friends with the Waley-Cohens; Kate and Pippa were at school with Sam's brother Tom, and were devastated when he died of cancer at the age of 20.

Tallulah Gary's 14-year-old daughter from his second marriage has always been close to her cousins Kate and Pippa, so we may even see her acting as bridesmaid on the day.

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