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Farhan's dad had recently passed away and he had really wanted him to marry a Pakistani girl and Rija was 27 at the time, looking to settle down."It was a way for him to honour his late father and it was just like a puzzle that fit; he called his mother in Canada, got her blessings, came over with a family friend in tow and met my parents.

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Even when we were chatting, we were just always laughing," recalls Rija."He was born and raised in Canada, I was all the way in Karachi but within a couple of months, he visited Lahore and then actually flew out to Karachi to meet me. One night, after the Sind Club Ball around 2 am, I had gone to the Pearl Continental with a friend for tea and Farhan was actually staying there."My girl friend encouraged me to just call him up and ask him to come down, she was like, "He won't have time to prepare so it'll be like what you see is what you get." That's how we met for the first time.They were the 10 best years of my life and even 15 years later, Shiraz and I never run out of things to talk about."That being said, Farah isn't the biggest advocate for finding a partner online."I got extremely lucky but it's really a gamble.If my sister was doing something like that, I'd definitely have my reservations. " "Nobody's ever known this story," starts 27-year-old Mahin. There is no social baggage; you can meet the guy as an adult and you won't have your parents on your head or getting involved too soon," explains Mahin.I can honestly say we have clicked in a significant way and that we are enjoying developing a new relationship together.Early days or rather should say early months but the prognosis is good.Rather, they can potentially happen anywhere and everywhere on the internet, even, sometimes especially, where you don’t necessarily expect them.

You could find a suitor on Tinder just as much as a retweet on Twitter can turn into flirty comments, which turn into DMs, which turn into... Or writing for a news website could lead to your soulmate seeking you out.Our service is free to join and within minutes of creating your profile, you'll be able to see who we think is a great match for you.Our amazing customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you have, and as members of the Online Dating Association, we'll do everything we can to make your time on MSF as safe and secure as possible. Sarah Beeny TV Presenter and founder of My Single Friend I would like to say thank you.I reached into my bag to give it to him and he said, 'you have very pretty eyes'."For nine years, they had a long distance relationship, they knew the other's struggles and were each other's support system. When they finally decided to meet up at Pizza Hut, Shiraz was a no-show.Farah elaborates, "Well, actually he showed up; we just failed to recognize him!We told him to wear a white shirt and come by himself.