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This stone was named Beth-el (house of God) by the patriarch Israel (sometimes called Jacob) roughly 2000 BC and remained with his descendents. —– Joseph What tribe retains all Jacob’s good stuff when Joseph dies? Non-ruling princes of the family migrated over the next 150 years, founding the city-states of Troy, Athens, Miltetus, and others along the northern Mediterranean.It travelled with them for forty years in the wilderness, supplying their water, and was preserved and brought to Ireland in 583 BC by the prophet Jeremiah; eventually being transferred to Scotland, then England, and now resides in Scotland. —– Ephraim To whom, logically, will the places named Bethel belong? Bethel belongs to the tribe of Ephraim THE DESERT TRIP OVERVIEW: Exodus under Moses, 1453 BC. Then about 150 years before the Exodus, when the King of Upper (southern) Egpyt conquered the Hyksos(Zarahite) rulers, the ruling family fled leaving the Pharez line of Judah in Egypt.

Irish legend says that any imposter or unrightful heir to the throne would be known by the fact that the stone would roar ONLY when the rightful king stood on it.Reimer 9780922811106 0922811105 Same Bed, Different Dreams, Hugh Gross 9781432731564 1432731564 The Visual Workplace Handbook, Scott Ellis 9789681639013 9681639014 Sor Juana Inis de la Cruz O las Trampas de la Fe, Octavio.Paz 9787511941275 7511941273 Jesus Be a Fence Around Me 9780912301792 0912301791 The Art of E-mail Writing, Philip Vassallo 9781406827620 1406827622 Mary Louise Solves a Mystery, Edith Van Dyne 9780521722681 0521722683 Izigi ezisabekako, Lindi Mahlangu, Lungi Maseko 9780333547144 0333547144 Horne A: Macmillan Vol 1&2 Slipcase Edn 9781417794133 1417794135 Colores del Camaleon, Chisato Tashiro, Asa Zatz 9780809573325 0809573326 Myth-Fortunes, Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, Phil Foglio 9780742430129 074243012X Math Card Games, Grades 2-3, Claire Piddock, School Specialty Publishing 9789068317701 9068317709 Jean-Claude Chevalier, Notice Biographique et Bibliographique, Suivie de L'expose: "La France Devant les Congres Internationaux de Linguistique: 1914-1931", Pierre Swiggers 9780521086936 0521086930 Artigas and the Emancipation of Uruguay, John Street 9781436834360 1436834368 Emigration - Who Should Emigrate, How to Emigrate, and Where to Emigrate (1884), James Aspdin 9781419645617 1419645617 Implementing Your Strategic Plan - How to Turn "Intent" Into Effective Action for Sustainable Change, C.9789707750302 9707750308 Enigmas de la Ciudad de Mexico 4562104043490 MINI ALBUM, ASPARAGUS X BEAT CRUSADERS 9781409716938 1409716937 Last Poems, A. Housman 9780856408298 0856408298 The Ulster Reciter - Ballads, Poems and Recitations from Northern Ireland for Every Occasion, Joe Mc Partland 9780824604806 0824604806 The Jewish Way in Love & Marriage, Maurice Lamm 9781560637431 1560637439 Pasar La Iglesia Por La Gran Tribulacin? , Yiye Avila 9780751754674 0751754676 CFA Level 1, Level 1 - Mind Maps, BPP Learning Media 9781598450965 1598450964 Rocky Mountain National Park - Adventure, Explore, Discover, Doreen Gonzales 9781905053049 1905053045 Fundraising from Wealthy Individuals, Julian Smyth 9781434377234 1434377237 Tahoe Blue, Joan Virden 602517096134 0602517096134 Eminem Presents the Re-up, Various Producers, Various Artists, Eminem 9780769256252 0769256252 The Jazz Fakebook - B-Flat Edition, Alfred Publishing 9781903747902 1903747902 Signals - A Railway Miscellany, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, Eckett Murray 9780769271088 0769271081 Marche Slav (Slavic March), Op.31 - Miniature Score, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky 9780763763473 0763763470 Rescue Series: Confined Space: Awareness, Operations, And Technician, Michael T. Ex children of Israel did eat manna forty years 3. Before all, Moses strikes the rock once and all drink from the issuing waters 5. See the story of Queen Athaliah’s overthrow in II Kings .

Deut 29:5 Shoes hath not waxen old upon thy foot 2. __________________________________________________ THE STONE LINE __________________________________________________ ENGLAND’S CORONATION CHAIR Jeremiah and Tea Tephi All the kings of Israel, the whole nation, then the Kingdom of Judah, were crowned standing on or beside this Stone.In that passage, David is p romised that he would have a direct bloodline descendent ruling over the people of Israel forever.Psalm 89 confirms that this would be the case as long as the sun and moon can be seen in the sky.The Coronation Stone: Jacob’s Pillow ___________________________________________________________________ Study Outline Jacob’s Pillar: A Time Line The Coronation Chair ___________________________________________________________________ WHO OWNS THE ROCK? Location and size of Edom and Ammon: below and northeast of the Dead Sea, roughly 75 miles thourgh each country. Not “a” rock, not “some” rock, not “rock”, but THE rock. Eochaide was a descendent of the Zarah line of Judah, while Tea Tephi was of the Pharez line of Judah.The coronation stone which sat in Westminster Abbey, England, is the coronation stone of the Hebrew nation called Israelites. The Zarah line, as firstborn, ruled in Egypt after the death of Joseph.Gen 35:9-15 Jacob’s name is changed to Israel, God reconfirms His promises, Jacob again anoints and names the place Bethel. From this first marraige, all the kings and queens of northwest Europe would descend.