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It is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine..." Henry "Harry" Edwards, a stage actor and founding member, announced that he was relocating to New York City to further his career.

Not long after the Club's establishment by newspaper journalists, it was commandeered by prominent San Francisco-based businessmen, who provided the financial resources necessary to acquire further land and facilities at the Grove.The "head" valets are akin to a general manager's position at a resort, club, restaurant, or hotel.Service staff include female workers whose presence at the Grove is limited to daylight hours and to central areas close to the main gate.The Club motto is "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here", which implies that outside concerns and business deals (networking) are to be left outside.When gathered in groups, Bohemians usually adhere to the injunction, although discussion of business often occurs between pairs of members.Robert Oppenheimer, the S-1 Executive Committee heads, such as the presidents of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, along with representatives of Standard Oil and General Electric as well as various military officials.

At the time, Oppenheimer was not an S-1 member, although Lawrence and Oppenheimer hosted the meeting.These guests have been known to include politicians and notable figures from countries outside the U. Particularly during the midsummer encampment, the number of guests is strictly limited due to the small size of the facilities.Camp valets are responsible for the operation of the individual camps.This festive gathering was repeated the next year without Edwards, and became the club's yearly encampment.By 1882 the members of the Club camped together at various locations in both Marin and Sonoma County, including the present-day Muir Woods and a redwood grove that once stood near Duncans Mills, several miles down the Russian River from the current location. There is no perspective; you cannot get far enough away from one of the trees to see it as a whole.However, other behavior at this famous campground has led to numerous exaggerations and parody in popular culture.