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“Basically it was describing some incidents that occurred in her past that probably led up to this.

She checked a box on the form saying her father had committed or threatened to commit domestic violence and that he’d threatened to kidnap or harm her child.“He threatened my boyfriend and maybe me and my son,” she wrote.

His wife and their oldest son, Ronaldinio “Ronny” Ramirez-Sanchez, 7, were dead. But he didn’t make it, dying the next day in the hospital.

Their youngest son, Gustavo “Angel” Ramirez-Sanchez, 5, was badly injured but still breathing. Their deaths sent shock waves through Bascom, a tiny farming community just south of the Alabama line where dirt roads crisscross wide fields of cotton, cell-phone signals are faint and violent crime is something that happens somewhere else.“Everybody’s flabbergasted,” said Brother John Smith, pastor of First Baptist Church in Malone.

But no one thought she was capable of violence herself.

Fritz Taylor, 78, a lifelong resident of Bascom, said he’d often see Esbeidi driving her children to school in the morning. You’ve heard about (murder-suicides) way yonder or somewhere.

But word has spread through Bascom that he’ll never live in the house again.

Family friends are helping him find a new place to reside.“He’s accepted it,” one friend said.He was charged the next day with sexual battery, but the charge was dismissed months later.In December 2011, before Esbeidi’s second son was born, she filed a domestic violence injunction against her father.“She was a very beautiful lady and seemed like she had a real sweet personality.She didn’t indicate that anything was wrong whatsoever.”Sanchez left a note at the scene referencing her own suicide and personal hardships she’d faced in her life.Her husband and children watched proudly, he said.“When you go down in the water, it’s like Jesus being buried in the tomb,” Smith said.