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In 2013, the woman, who said employers would no longer hire her after news broke of her apparent relationship with Hansen, released personal photos of herself and Hansen, including one showing what appeared to be the couple locked in a kiss.A short while later, NBC announced it was not renewing Hansen’s contract.

“It was the excitement that this major event had happened, although tragic, and that I could go watch it.

“I think whatever issues some reporters have in their past, there’s a long history of people reinventing themselves.” Williams is scuffling now, caught in a tale of misremembered facts and embellished details.

In fact, Shapiro was reflecting recently on the chances of recovery for a different NBC veteran, one who, like Williams, has found himself on the wrong end of tabloid attention.

Conradt’s sister filed a 5 million lawsuit against NBC, and though it was settled out of court, many felt the case led the network to pull the plug on As Hansen spun off the series into other hidden-camera segments for the network, reports surfaced that made the journalist himself the story.

The married Hansen was allegedly having an affair with a Florida television reporter some 20 years his junior.

“It didn’t give us a moment of hesitation,” says Kevin Bennett, the channel’s general manager.

Hansen leapt into journalism with the same certainty.It began to look like Hansen was less of a free agent than a newsman in exile. The show will begin its 10-episode run later this year (five episodes have already been shot).Staying relevant during the move from network to cable is no small order—ask Dan Rather or Conan O’Brien about it—but for Hansen it will be a shot at redemption.His polished voice and delivery reveal themselves today even in casual conversation.Executives at Investigation Discovery say the decision to bring Hansen on despite rumors of his personal life and a messy split with NBC was not a difficult one.It was all Detroit was talking about.” His sons first considered him a celebrity when he was parodied on an episode of ‘South Park.’Hansen began reporting as a student at Michigan State University, and later for local stations in Tampa and Detroit. The network wondered if Hansen might be interested in moving to London to become a correspondent, and while budget cuts surrounding the Gulf War wiped the network chance away, it did not do so for good.

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