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Clicking sounds are less likely, but there may still be pain in the hip.The pain may radiate towards the knee and the inner thigh muscles; the adductors are often extremely tender on palpation.

It is a legitimate concern, and the truth is there is nothing more that some chiropractors would like than to make you into a life long patient.Range of motion exercises, done on a daily basis, are vital.Because of a change in gait, FAIS also affects the sacroiliac joint anatomy ... Both these conditions, FAIS and DDH, are greatly exacerbated if there is a significantly short leg leading to a scoliosis.The Pavlik harness must be worn for about four months to form a deeper socket.Periodically, even in the young child, walking may be painful, either in the groin, or on the side of the hip; an even more serious condition, The hypermobile hip likewise has an increased range of motion, but without the developmental changes of the socket seen in DDH.There are two conditions, one which causes stiffness in the young hip, and the other causing a very hypermobile joint; in other words, exact opposites.

In this page we look at how femoro acetabular impingemnt syndrome and hip dysplasia can coexist in the same leg, confusing all and sundry.

Both are a concern, but in my opinion, it's easier to loosen up stiff joints than to stabilise hypermobile joints.

Both, unmanaged, lead to a higher incidence of arthritis.

Sitting in the lotus position is readily done, and they often make great gymnasts and sportsmen and women.

A clicking sound may be heard or felt as the ball subluxates in and out of the socket, depending on the shallowness of the socket, and the slope of the acetabular roof.

Beyond the immediate concerns of pain in the upper leg and hip, there is an increased tendency for early hip arthritis due to decreased area of contact between hip and acetabulum.

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